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Who are we?

We are singer/songwriter Andrew D. Brewis, vocalist Airlie Scott and flautist Tamsin Bland: a UK-based music partnership who were creating, recording and performing new inspirational music between 2006 and 2016. Since then our lives and our careers have moved on, but we’re still close friends and still grateful for all the music we made together. Andrew is still very busy writing inspirational music and giving online inspirational and jazz concerts, Airlie continues to perform, sing jazz and teach, wherever the work takes her and Tamsin has been busy raising two musically talented teenage boys,


Airlie recently recorded a more classical inspirational solo CD “Skyward” with amazing pianist and composer Simon Clark (see http://www.skywardcd.co.uk or SkywardAlbum on Facebook)  whilst Andrew recently  made a couple of solo inspirational CDs, “One” and “Listen for Thy Voice” and has just released a charity single in response to the corona virus pandemic (www.andrewdbrewis.com) All their new music is available to purchase via their websites where you can also hear snippets.

This Thursday 4th June we are taking part in a livestream interview as part of spirituality4.me’s Throwback Thursday series. You’ll be able to view it here.

Although we’re not actively pursuing Newsong Group concerts and tours at the moment, we are definitely open to  a comeback tour, and to one-off concerts where there is a need and a desire for it! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

All our  Newsong Group CDs and EPs are still available  in digital format if you would like to order them here, but for those who prefer a physical copy we still have some left to sell. Get in touch to be sure of your posted copy!


As old school friends, making music together was always an integral part of the way we prayed and enjoyed the spiritual side of life. Our work breathes new life into well-loved hymns as well as creating completely original songs. In our work, we aimed to reflect the upbeat, active sense of life and healing that we felt living and practicing Christian Science. We toured all over the UK,  to the East and West coast of the United States, as well as to South Africa. .

Our music reaches beyond denominational borders; it is often able to lift, heal and connect with people of various beliefs or no particular faith.

We recorded our first album, Songburst: Hymns with a beat! in 2007 involving 30 musicians and 3 generations of singers. Our second album soon followed: Gracenotes: Songs of Peace and Love is a more peaceful, gentle healing album of solos and duets. Our  third album UpBeats: Songs with Spirit featured an eclectic mix of uplifting and inspiring musical styles. Our fourth Album Soulscapes, was another peaceful soulful CD, with solos and duets from Andrew and Airlie with beautiful flute and cello obligatos.

15493768_1161335843913791_752627879940399975_oOur most recent recording was Lean, Let, Love a special E.P with  six tracks including three Christmas tracks. Buy Lean, Let, Love- Our E.P

This soulful, peaceful EP includes three Christmas songs and three brand new tracks. Beautiful, soaring melodies by Andrew D. Brewis, including settings of poems by Jill Gooding CSB, Violet Hay CSB, as well as two loved Christmas carols.
We hope that our music will inspire and motivate you and bring you a sense of peace and healing.

“Sing to the LORD a new song, for he has done marvelous things;”
Psalm 98:1