Newsong Group US TOURS- Visa Sponsorship

After much tour work, prayer and thought we have decided to postpone our Newsong Group Florida Tour plans for the time being.

We’d love to tour to the US again soon but it in order to come we have found we need an active sponsoring organisation to support our P3 visa application before we can organise a major tour. This could be a youth organisation or music agency, a company or charity, we believe, for example but it needs to be a group that can vouch for us and forward the relevant documents (with our help!) with a covering letter to the USCIS.

Please do be in touch if you can help us and would like to support and encourage this healing work.

We were able to tour down the west coast of the States a few years ago with the generous help of Discovery Bound/Adventure Unlimited and we’d really love to be able to come back again.

With a similar kind of support, we can actively start to plan another tour.

There are all sorts of options for a concert and it’s a great opportunity for neighbouring Churches to co-sponsor an event.  We’ve given concerts in all sorts of settings: top and tailing a lecture, as part of an inter-faith or cross-denominational event, as a pure concert, inside or outside and as part of a special 9/11 thanksgiving celebration, to name just a few.

Please do get in touch and email us on for more information and to support this healing ministry.

With love, Airlie, Andrew and Tamsin.

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