Our fans

Personal reviews from people who’ve enjoyed Newsong music so far…

“The (SOULSCAPES) CD arrived in the mail this weekend and I’ve been playing it non stop in the car!  As I drive out for my day, I love to play track one all about my blessed day!  Oh, I feel like you all are wrapping me up in a bundle of love!!  Thank you so much for this beautiful gift of music and gentle hugs!! …… The cello…it absolutely makes me weep…I am a beginner on the cello, and beautiful playing just makes my tears flow, so you can imagine me driving down the road wiping my eyes all the time!?

I love the settings of new music to favorite hymns.  So refreshing and lovely.  As a baby boomer kid, I grew up with Larry Groce’s hymns on those early RECORDS and TAPES … but here you all are on the new CD with some of those favorite words set to new music.  I love them.

Give everyone my love and I send great gratitude for the music that is actually drying my tears of grief.  Tons of love.”  Sharon


” SOULSCAPES. The more I listen, the more I love it! I keep thinking, YES!  That’s the way it is. That’s true.  Got it!  Yet all fresh and new. You have done it again, dear ones! So many thanks to all. ” Love from Karen


“I have to tell you how healing and soothing your GRACENOTES are.  A year ago my husband of forty three years passed away, and your music was so soothing and comforting to me.  Even when I drove to the nursing facility to visit him in the last weeks, probably three times a day, your music was like a balm to my soul…for I thought my heart would break but it was your music that got me through.  I even wrote an article for the CS Monitor and quoted a part of one of your songs, the last track on Gracenotes about “the past, the present, and the future…” And how man is the child of God.
Thank you so much for your healing messages to world.  You have no idea how much they are loved and received!”                                                                  St Louis, MA.


“I attended a three hour meeting at the hospital this morning, a session prepared for professionals, providers, the faith community, on the problems our teens face. (Drugs, bullying, alcohol, abuse, etc.)  Not fun, but a great and diverse group from the community.  I was there because of my membership in the ministerial  association. Of course I was denying the statistics, claims, history, prognostications.  When it was all over I knew I still had work to do. I had been listening to SONGBURST on the way over, and when I started the car, I hear:   “Allelulia!  Allelulia!”  From these thy children.   I cannot think of anything more perfect.  It lifted me up and out completely and immediately.  Many thanks again for all the healing in your good work.”   


I wanted to let you know just how much we are appreciating the CD SONGBURST at First Church Derby, Sunday School. We have started to sing along with some of the hymns featured on the CD. [A] student who was always reluctant to join in the singing… now always joins in with delight when we use the CD!

We do hope you are planning more… these songs provide a great boost to the volume, quality and atmosphere of hymn time.

Derby, UK

” Today I picked up a friend at a senior retirement center to take her to church.
After lunch on our way back to her place I put in SONGBURST without comment.
Not sure what her response might be.  I noticed her patting the seat of the car.
Then she said, “I makes me feel like dancing.  Just sitting here.”
My own response when I first heard it in the RR, and told her so.
Why would I expect anything else or less from her?
More good!”  

I must tell you that our first order for SONGBURST was put out on Sunday morning; we only ordered 4 as a start, and all were gone in a flash ! So I’ve asked for a further order to be sent as soon as possible. I heard them playing it in the Sunday School, and I’m pretty sure, these are the hymns they will be singing in future. Everyone is absolutely delighted.

Thank you so much for the joy this CD is already bringing to everyone who has heard it.

Capetown, South Africa

Discovered your new CD SONGBURST in the Reading Room today and must write and thank you. The harmony of your friendship and musicianship comes through in such clear joy. You have certainly fulfilled your goal of praising God with gladness. Funny, I never felt like dancing in the RR before, but it was hard not to with all your catchy rhythms. Cheers! Bravo! I shall look forward to your next recording and am spreading the word about this one.

Just another note on the music. My habit for many years has been to play Handel’s Messiah every Sunday. All day. I love the beauty, glory, majesty, reminders of what is. Today I am breaking that tradition, starting my day with your new praises. And you know what? There is no difference. The feeling is the same. Perfection is like that, isn’t it, whatever form it takes.

New Mexico, USA

Hello there,

I am Sunday School Superintendent of 1st Church of CS Etobicoke – part of Toronto Ontario Canada. Everyone loves singing along with your (SONGBURST) choir! I have a couple of students who play instruments and wondered if sheet music was available and if so how can I buy it [Yes you can! See the Our Music page]

Thanks so much – a great addition to our music scene…I also use your CD along with some other ones to play before Sunday School starts as a Sunday school style prelude.

Etobicoke, Canada

Here’s an American take on the cracking good British CD, just appearing in Reading Rooms (and other places) this fall, ‘SONGBURST: Hymns With A Beat’.

And they do-rock. It’s upbeat, but mostly smooth, cool, often piano plus traps (percussion). But, being cool, even “sweet” rock at times, Songburst let’s us stay close to the words, listen hard with heart and mind, while the tunes serve it all up with a bright, energetic swing.

People of ALL ages will respond to the authentic spirituality of these hymn settings, a purity of tone, liveliness, and a winning, natural wholesomeness. The genius is how “musical” it all is, very singable. In fact, if you’re not at least dancing fingers, or up on your feet, you’ll probably be singing full voice-in your room, at the park, driving downtown, where ever. I have.

It’s very “friendly” music. You get into it. It gets into you. It lifts you up.

Illinois. USA

Just to say a big “thank you” for the beautiful and inspiring new CD GRACENOTES, Songs of Peace and Love. The simplicity, love and closeness to God they make me feel is beyond price, and usually moves me to tears.

Woking, UK

I just wanted to let you all know how beautiful your GRACENOTES CD is! Northern California got some unexpected snow in some unexpected locations last week – perfect for remaining inside and staying cosy. So I baked cookies and listened to Gracenotes! It is so peaceful and quietly simple and sincere. It didn’t sound like a “production”. Very sweet and dear — soooo healing. I just love it!! Keep it up.

Sacramento California

This morning, I was listening to [Marta Greenwood’s] “Mummy Daddy” Daily Lift [see spirituality.com] when a man came in [to the Reading Room] and sat in a corner saying he needed help. He said he wanted his Mummy who had died 20 years before, (in front of him) He was very disturbed. I talked to him of God’s love and he then said he wanted to listen to some music, so I sat him down in the study room, gave him a drink and put on GRACENOTES and gave him the words to read. He got right into it and tears started rolling down his cheeks, but then he suddenly got up and left when it ended. He was embraced by his Father-Mother and had his “famished affections” fed today.”

Librarian Egham CS Reading Room